Terms & Conditions for Membership
Terms and Conditions

Appropriate rules are displayed within the club.


Monday to Friday: 6.30am to 10.00pm Last entry 9.30pm
Weekends: 8:00 am to 9.30pm Last entry 9.00pm

You are respectfully requested to leave the activity areas with sufficient time to use the showering and changing facilities and leave the club at the time of closing.

You are not permitted to bring pets (other than guide dogs) on to the club premises.

You must not consume any food or drink in the Club that you have not bought from within the club.

Crockery and glass in any shape or form is not allowed in the Leisure Club.

An adult is classed as a person aged 16 or over but must have the permission of a parent or guardian to join. The same parent or guardian shall be responsible for ensuring that club rules are adhered to and pay their membership fees in line with the terms and conditions of direct debit collection.

Members under 16 years of age must be supervised at all times whilst in the club, unless they are involved in a children’s activity session.

Use of photographic equipment is not allowed without approval from the Duty Manager.

We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots for press or promotional purposes. Where possible we will ask you to sign a use of image form.

Persons who appear to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be asked to leave the club.

Any person whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by staff, will be removed from the Club. Any incidents of this nature should be reported to a member of staff immediately.

All equipment, staff and fellow users must be treated with due care and respect.

Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times whilst in the Club.

Please use the lockers provided for your personal belongings.

All lost property found on the premises should be handed into the club reception. No hair brushes, shampoos, soaps, deodorants or similar products will be kept in lost property, they will be disposed of immediately. All other items will be kept by the club for 14 days and then donated to local charity.

All members must complete a Par Q before using the fitness facilities and may choose to take part in the clubs 3 appointment induction programme to the gym. It is advised that all members wishing to use the fitness rooms and classes should undergo a Fitness Evaluation and a one to one induction in the Fitness room.

Members and their guests are particularly advised not to undertake strenuous physical activity for which they may be medically unfit.

All members and guests use the equipment and facilities entirely at their own risk and the club do not accept responsibility for any harm or injury to any member or guest however caused.

Members and guests who have any reservations as to their physical condition are advised to have a medical check up before embarking on any exercise.

The Club reserves the right at any time to, and without notice, to set aside facilities for tournaments, exhibitions or other social activities.

No smoking/E-cigarettes.


Adult: Application for everyone over the age of 18 years old, or 16 years old if a parent or guardian will pay the
monthly subscriptions and be responsible for under 18’s behavior.

Student: Application with a valid student I.D

Junior: 13-15yrs must have at least one parent or guardian as an active adult member

Child: 4-12yrs must have at least one parent or guardian as an active adult member

Infant: 0-3yrs


Full Membership: Entitles full use of club facilities during club opening hours.

Off Peak Membership: Entitles full use of club facilities Mon-Fri 6.30am-5.00pm (Last Entry 4.30pm) & Sat/Sun 4pm till Close.

Over 55 Regal Membership: Entitles full use of the club facilities Mon-Fri 6.30am-5.00pm (Last Entry 4.30pm) & Sat & Sun 4pm till Close.

Student Membership: Full membership at discounted rate with valid I.D.

Corporate Membership: Full Membership at discounted rate with valid I.D.

Swim/Junior/Child/Infant Membership (0-15yrs old): Entitles the use of the Club facilities Mon-Fri 6.30am-8.30pm (Last Entry7.45pm) – Children of 13 and over can be left in the pool during swim times if they are able to demonstrate the ability to swim 50 meters. Children are not allowed to use the main fitness rooms / Relaxation area / Spa’s under any circumstances.

Adult Guardian Swim Entry: Entitles an adult to bring Children into the Club for swimming lessons only. A guardian may supervise whilst children are in lessons. Any attempted use outside these hours and the customer will be asked if they would like to switch to one of our standard membership packages. Guardian entry membership will only be granted where there is a current full paying member linked to the guardian and child. A charge is payable for the cost of an entry card.


Principle Terms
This agreement commences either:

If you are on the club’s premises, once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the web sign up process or during the sign up process over the telephone OR
If you are not on the club’s premises, once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the web sign up process and then either entered the clubs premises or after a period of 7 days has elapsed, whichever is earlier OR
If you are on the club’s premises, once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the sign up process and indicated you will pay annually
Your membership starts immediately.

You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the type of Membership chosen.


The Joining Fee / Initial Payment or paid in full annual fee is due from you to us, is payable immediately and is not refundable other than in the event of breach or negligence by us.

The Direct Debit Payment Amount is due from you to us. You are obligated to make the “Minimum No. of Direct Debit Payments” stated with the first one being paid on the 1st Direct Debit Payment Date and then every month thereafter. You are obligated to make every Direct Debit Payment regardless of non attendance, except where the cancellation terms below are met.

If you fail to pay any monies due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid or any cheque is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honoured for whatever reason, you shall pay us on demand an administration fee of £25 (which we require to cover our costs of seeking to pursue such payment from you).

You agree to advise us promptly of any change to the Members Details provided.

If you fail to pay any amount due under this agreement for a period of more than thirty days, then we may pass the debt to a third party company for collection. The reasonable and direct costs incurred in employing the third party company will be borne by you including costs in tracing you if you have changed your address without telling us.


Once you have completed the Minimum Number of Direct Debit Payments we will automatically continue collecting the Direct Debit Payment Amount every month. Your membership will be extended by one month for each payment (“Renewal Period”). This renewal Direct Debit payment amount may only be amended if we advise you in writing giving not less than 30 days notice. Please note if your membership included the benefit of a free period then we will stop making collections during that free period and recommence making collections on the renewal date.

You may prevent the Automatic Renewal at any time by giving us written notice (you should not give us less than 30 days notice from your next Direct Debit due date). When the final minimum period payment has been taken you should also cancel your Direct Debit mandate directly with your bank.

Once you have completed the minimum number of Direct Debit Payments you can cancel your automatic renewal by giving us written notice (you should not give us less than 30 days notice from your next Direct Debit due date).

After the final payment has been taken you should also cancel your Direct Debit mandate directly with your bank.


If we take no action or let you off any breach of this agreement or give you extra time to pay or comply, it will not stop us enforcing the terms of this agreement strictly at a future date.

We may assign the benefit of this agreement and our rights thereunder to a third party on notice to you. Your rights under this agreement will not be prejudiced. You may transfer your membership to another person provided that such person pay a Joining Fee signs an agreement with us and accepts the balance of any remaining Minimum Number of Direct Debit Payments.

We will do our best to resolve any disputes over this agreement. If you wish to take court proceedings against us you must do so within the United Kingdom. Relevant UK law will apply.

If any part of this agreement is disallowed or found to be ineffective by any court or regulator, the other provisions shall continue to apply.

We may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on notice to you if you are in breach of the Clubs Rules (i.e. Stealing or other criminal activities within the facility). In this event you will not be liable to pay any further Direct Debit Payments, provided such breach is not deemed by us to have occurred primarily in order to qualify you for a refund or no further payments.


Relocation: This agreement can be cancelled in the event that your new permanent address is more than 15 miles away from the facility upon receipt of a copy utility bill or bank statement showing the new address.

Long term (over 3 month) illness or injury: This agreement may be cancelled in the event of an illness, injury or medical condition which in the written opinion of a doctor or other suitably qualified medical practitioner prohibits exercise for 3 months or longer upon appropriate proof being provided.

Redundancy: This agreement can be cancelled upon appropriate proof of redundancy from your employer or other loss of livelihood.

Pregnancy: This agreement can be cancelled if you become pregnant upon the appropriate written proof being given.

Please note – ANY Cancellation for the above reasons will not be effected until the appropriate proof is provided and received (in writing or via email) to the club’s Membership Administration Department.

Breach: This agreement can be cancelled if we are in breach of contract including if we do not provide facilities or services you may reasonably expect and we have fallen well below that standard.


Temporary Illness or Injury: This agreement may be frozen in the event of a temporary illness, injury or medical condition which in the written opinion of a doctor or other suitably qualified medical practitioner prohibits exercise for a period of time.

Please note – ANY Freeze will not be affected until the appropriate proof is provided and received (in writing or via email) to the club’s Membership Administration Department.

If you choose not to use the club facilities for any reason you may suspend your membership. You must however have completed
three full months as a member to qualify for suspension. You may suspend for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months within any period of 12 consecutive months. A monthly fee is charged for each month during the suspension of the membership.

Should a member wish to freeze during their contracted period they may do. The month’s frozen for will simply be added to the remainder of their contracted period at the end of the freeze.

Backdated freezes will not be allowed.

Please note – A freeze period does not affect the Minimum No. of Direct Debit Payments you are due to make and any payments remaining at the time of the freeze will remain due and recommence on a monthly basis once the freeze period has completed.

A Member who has “frozen” his/her Membership will not be allowed access to Waterside Leisure Club.


A Membership Card will be issued to every Member.

Every Member must swipe his or her card on each visit before proceeding into the Club. Any Member attending the Club without a valid Membership Card may be asked for proof of identification.

There is a fee (as set out in the relevant, then current, Club Price List) for replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged cards. Members must bring their cards for entry/exit. If you do not have your card then you will be asked to fill in a form at the reception desk, this way we can ensure you have been recorded correctly on our systems. Failure to bring your card 3 times in the same month will result in non-entry to the club until a new card is purchased or your card is found.

If you require a new card then please see the reception team who will be able to help you.

Membership is only valid for the named member and cannot be used by anyone else.

As such, you may not give your membership card to anyone else or allow the card to be used by anyone else. If you give your membership card to another person, then we may terminate your membership without any refund.

The Club reserve the right to refuse entry if a valid membership card is not produced on entry of the club.

In the case of a membership card being lost or stolen a charge will be applied to replace the card. On termination of Membership, for any reason, the Member is required to surrender his Membership Card to Waterside Leisure Club.


Members (over the age of 16) can bring guests to the Club upon payment of the guest fee and completion of a Pre-Activity Questionnaire by the guest.

Members must accompany their guest at all times.

Once Children reach the age of 4yrs they will be charged a guest fee at a Child rate.

Members must ensure that their guests abide by the rules of the club and accept responsibility for their guest’s behaviour.

The Club reserves the right to refuse any person admission as a guest to the Club without reason.


Other than purchased retail products, waterside property may not be removed from the club, buildings or grounds. Any person who removes, damages or destroys any property of the Leisure Club or Hotel shall be responsible and liable for the replacement or repair of such property at his or her sole expense & shall indemnify the company against any costs or expenses however incurred by the company in repairing or replacing such property. Prosecution will follow in certain cases.


To promote safe exercise please ask for assistance from the Fitness Team before performing unfamiliar exercises.

For your comfort, appropriate exercise clothing and shoes should be worn whilst exercising.

Please wipe down gym equipment after use.

Please replace weights after use.

We urge all members arrive on time for any appointments with the fitness team or personal trainers.

If you need to cancel an appointment please let the club know with at least 24 hours notice. Failure to keep an appointment and or cancelling without adequate notice may result in the club removing your booking privileges.

Children 15yrs and under are not allowed to use the main fitness rooms. Children 15 years and under are only able to use the family/circuit zone.


Personal training is controlled by the club and should be arranged through our online booking system or the leisure club reception. Personal Training is undertaken by qualified employees of the club and no other personal training or coaching is permitted unless advanced permission is gained from the Leisure Club Manager.


To promote safe exercise please ask for assistance from the Fitness Team before performing unfamiliar exercises.

All adult members can use the family / circuit gym area.

Children 9 years and under are not permitted to use the family/circuit zone.

Children between the ages of 10-15yrs must be fully supervised by an adult member.

Children above the age of 16 can use the family/circuit zone independently.

It is suggested that all Children have an induction by appointment before using any of the equipment.


Classes can be booked 8 days in advance through our online booking system or at reception.

Maximum class numbers are determined based on the size of studio and the type of class. Once the maximum number is reached no other members will be able to enter the studio.

Failure to turn up to a pre booked class may result in your booking privileges being removed.

If you are unable to attend a pre-booked class, please cancel your booking through our online booking system or contact Waterside reception on 0161 971 7000 before the class is due to start so your place can be re-issued.

The warm up is an important part of the class to reduce the risk of injury, so please arrive on time. Failure to turn up on time may result in your place being issued to a member on the waiting list.

Please inform the instructor if you have any injuries or medical conditions, or if your medical condition changes.

For your comfort and the comfort of others we ask all members to wear correct footwear and unrestrictive clothing.

An instructor may ask you to leave a class if you are behaving inappropriately.

Due to unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary for Waterside Leisure Club to change or even cancel a class at short notice.

However, we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.

Please leave the studio promptly after the class to allow the next class to start on time.

Please do not enter the studio until the class before has finished and exited the area.

Children 8 years and over can attend the classes dedicated to Juniors. Children 14 years old and older may take part in all fitness classes under the supervision of a parent/guardian.

Waterside Leisure Club require a minimum of 3 participants for a class to take place.

Clothing, sports bags and other personal items are not permitted in the Studio, changing rooms and lockers are provided.

Members may use the Studio when classes are not taking place, please ensure that all equipment is put back after use.


Please behave appropriately when in or around the Club. Do not use foul, loud, or abusive language; do not act in a threatening manner. Waterside Leisure Club will not tolerate violent or aggressive behaviour.

Waterside Leisure Club may terminate your membership or may refuse you entry into the Club, or eject you from the Club, if you commit a breach of the Club Rules, or any other serious misconduct.

All complaints should be communicated Club management, or in writing through the feedback boxes provided in the club’s, or by post to the General Manager.

Please dress in suitable clothing whilst in the Club. Guidance as to suitable attire may be obtained from the Club General Manager who may, at his/her discretion, require you to leave Club premises or part of the Club premises, if you are not dressed appropriately.

T-shirt and cut off denims are not to be worn in the pool. We would ask members to observe where possible to wear non-court marking shoes, i.e. black soled shoes, in the Aerobics Studios.

Towels are available to hire from reception. There is a charge for the hire of a towel and your membership cards will be retained at reception when issuing towels.


For the discretion of all our Members and Guests Children are not permitted to use the Changing rooms of the opposite sex once they have reached their 7th Birthday.

If a Child is tall for his/her age and is under 7 years it is at our discretion to prevent access into the Changing rooms of the opposite sex.

Families with Children 7 years or older are encouraged to use the Family Changing facilities.

Please look after your valuables. The Club cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any property left on this area whether stored in lockers or otherwise.

Please dispose of all litter in the bins provided. Please report the presence of suspicious individuals in the locker room to a member of staff.


Member’s or guests without children are required to use the single sex changing rooms.

Any member’s or guests found to be using these facilities without Children will be asked to vacate the changing rooms.


Lockers are to be used for legitimate purposes only.

Each member is asked to bring or purchase a padlock to secure their locker for the duration of their visit.

Please report any facility problems and/or injuries to the Club staff immediately.

Club Staff reserves the right to check lockers to resolve safety/security concerns. We will attempt to contact the member should this occur.

You must remove all of your items from the locker when you leave the facility.

If lockers are not emptied by closing time each day, Club staff will remove all contents and hold items within lost property. Any damage to padlocks during this process will not be paid for by the club.

If you lose the key to your padlock we will cut off your padlock. We will not replace your padlock.


Members and their guests use the swimming pool and spa area at their own risk and the club does not accept any responsibility for any harm or injury to any member or guest however caused.

No running or potentially dangerous activity is allowed. Children under 13yrs must be supervised in the pool by an adult at all times, except while participating in swimming lessons.

If any Child vomits or soils within the pool a £75 charge may be enforced for cleaning.

For reasons of health and hygiene, it is mandatory for all members and guests to shower before entering the pool.
Members & guests must correctly wear conventional swimming costumes only.

The pool may be reserved at certain periods for special events in part or as whole. Prior notice will be displayed on the club notice boards.

For Health and Safety reasons mobile phones or any device with camera capabilities are not permitted on poolside.

The pool must not be used for coaching/instructing unless prior approval is given by a Duty Manager.

Non or weak swimmers (who cannot swim 10m on front and back and cannot tread water for more than 30 seconds) must stay in the shallow areas unless supervised by a qualified instructor.

Non swimmers should wear approved swimming aids, except in an appropriate teaching environment (ask reception or a Lifeguard).

Swimmers (or accompanying adults if under 8) must let pool staff know of any illness or disability that may affect them. This is for your safety as well as the safety of others.

Masks, snorkels and flippers are not allowed in the pool during general swimming sessions.

Outdoor footwear should be removed prior to entering the pool changing/spectator area.

Please shower before entering the spa facilities or swimming pool.

You must not run around on poolside.

Spectators are required to wear the blue shoes covers provided.

No balls, floats, or inflatables are permitted in the swimming pool area other than those provided by the Club. Buoyancy aids are permitted.

Children may only use the swimming pool at ‘swim for all’ and dedicated children’s swimming sessions. Please see pool timetable for details.

Children under 8 years old must be supervised in the ratio of 1 adult: 2 children.

In the pool an adult can be responsible for a maximum of two children (under 8).

You are requested to wear swim attire when in the spa area.

Please do not bring oils, essences or flammable items into the spa areas. Soaps and shampoos must not be used in the spa.

Children under 16 years old may not use the spa facilities.

Expectant mothers should not use the spa after 5 months of pregnancy: consult your doctor for advice.

For your safety and comfort please refrain from stepping on the Spa cover grills.


Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use these facilities.

Members and guests must shower after using the Sauna and Steam rooms before using the pool, spa and Japanese bath.

These facilities are mixed so all members should ensure that swimming costumes or towels are worn in these areas.

Shaving and Eating is not permitted in these areas – membership may be terminated immediately.

The use of these facilities is at their own risk and the Club does not accept any responsibility for any harm or injury however caused.

Members and guests are not permitted to use personal oils or essence.

Mobile phones or any other device with camera capabilities are not allowed in the relaxation area.


The Club’s liability for damage or loss to member’s property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a result of negligence of the club, its staff or its agents. With the exception the club will not accept liability for the safety of members & guests or their personal property brought onto the club site, unless such property is handed to the club reception & a signed receipt is given (this doesn’t include lost property). The club reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse to store any such personal property
of members or guests. Property stored in lockers provided by the club or its agents are stored at the owners risk and no liability for loss or damage will be accepted by the club. Cars parked in the club car parks or elsewhere on the premises and all the contents in them are left at the owners risk and the club will not accept any liability for loss or damage in respect thereof. The Club cannot accept any liability for any accident to any member or guest that may occur on the premises or within the grounds of the club other than liability, which may arise from negligence of the club, its staff or its agents.

Any member or guest who suffers an accident on the club premises or in the club grounds must report the accident, and the circumstances under which it occurred, to the Duty Manager immediately following the accident.


The car park is available for members, hotel guests, visitors and employees of Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club. The car park can only be used by Members, guests, and visitors while they are on Club premises. You may not leave your car in our car parks at any other time.

No unauthorised parking is permitted. Unauthorised parking and or car parked incorrectly may be clamped and a fee may be charged for removal of the clamp.


Do not use the fire exit to leave the club unless during an evacuation.